Thursday, July 8, 2010


It is simple and easy to accuse a person without valid reason, proof and evidence which shows that something is definitely true or exists.

The fact that thousands of curse constantly punished and he is there standing as a warrior and continuously favoured by the ‘rakyat’ specifically and he is Anwar Ibrahim, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN) De ’Facto Leader who’s also the Opposition Leader in the Malaysian House of Parliament.

Without further notes on the history and ‘superb’ of him while in Malaysia’s Cabinet since 1982 until been sacked and embarrassed by the UMNO leadership on 2nd September 1998, the standing of him till today really proven the ‘superb’ character and this is the reality that we need to accept. There will always be a band of loyal supporters who lend their voices.

The ‘work’ of embarrassing and humiliating his personality is being ‘polished’ from day to day by the effort of certain parties especially the UMNO – Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership. The most recent issue that the Utusan Malaysia (UM) is ‘playing’ mainly on the recent Anwar visit to United States where it has been manipulated and portrait out on the UM newspaper’s front page and captioned the intention of Anwar having back the close relationship with the Jews.

The issues brought up by UM indirectly expressed that they are sinking out of main ideas in disclosing the appropriate news as since 1st July 2010 the main page was titled as “Anwar Pujuk Yahudi” followed by 2nd July 2010 with the titled of “Jangan Percaya Anwar”.

UM keeps maximizing that Anwar is having a ‘close relationship’ with the Jews leadership as the main news with the hope that the rural areas community especially the Malays would believe this is the true Anwar!

Furthermore, if we were to flashback on the first Anwar’s sodomized court case few years back, UM was the main news publisher at that time in informing all the ugliness and defaming every inch of Anwar’s body with disgusting stories to be read by ‘rakyat’ that it was Anwar’s conduct!

We, as human have a lot of plans and plan a lot, but it is only God who knows and determined the best for us. However, we tend to forget that sometimes things did not turn out as we wish.

Do ask yourself, what are the things that not been said and cursed to Anwar by those people having curiosity in politic? All of the insults were widely published without control via mass media; TV and newspaper as what happening now.

On top of that, sometimes we do not understand why in the UMNO Division Annual Meeting be the medium of cursing as if there is no day without talking Anwar’s ugliness.

In the long run, we believe that the attempt of condemning Anwar will be last forever in covering up the misconduct of government.

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